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Oludeniz Blue Cruise

1 April 2022 by admin

Oludeniz Boat Charter & Blue Cruise

Even words may not be enough to describe our town of Ölüdeniz. It is listed among the top 5 beaches globally with its magnificent beach, calm, smooth, sparkling sea, and its reputation is worldwide. It is a frequent destination for photographers, nature athletes, those who want to parachute, or those who wish to paraglide from Babadağ and watch this magnificent view from the sky. If you’re going to rest your soul and realize this unique beauty to reach the satisfaction you see, you should choose our Ölüdeniz Blue Cruise program.

Ölüdeniz is a Blue Flag beach and a holiday resort with registered beauty and cleanliness. Get ready to experience the dazzling beauties where these magnificent shades of Blue and Green combine.
You can charter a Private Yacht, which is one of the most beautiful activities to be done in Ölüdeniz, or if you wish, you can spend the whole day on the boat and enjoy a day’s enjoyment.
Oludeniz Fethiye is one of the most interesting places in the region. If you want to run away from the busy Oludeniz beach by chartering a private yacht, you can also look at this beautiful sea and enjoy it by boat.
There is also a legend of Ölüdeniz and Belcekiz beach for years.

According to this legend, in ancient times, some ships passing through the Fethiye region would anchor in the open part of the sea and go to the cove to get water to be used and drink. Meanwhile, the ship captain’s son saw Belcekız and fell in love at first sight. Belcekiz’s heart was pounding because the captain’s father waited for his son. The boy had to take the water and return to the ship. The boy boarded the boat and disappeared. Belcekiz had been waiting for the boy to come on the shore that day, and the boy expected to go to that bay again and see Belcekiz.

The boy used to come to get water every time he passed through this bay, see his beloved Belcekiz and satisfy his longing, and Belcekiz looked forward to the boy’s arrival. One day, while the boy and his father were passing through that sea again, a big storm covered the surroundings. As soon as he could see, the boy said to his father that there is a sheltered cove here, let’s hide there immediately, but his father thought that the boy wanted to go there to see his lover, and he thought that he did not risk the possibility of the ship sinking. Angry. As the storm increased, the fight between father and son grew, and just as the father was about to hit the rocks, he hit his son with an oar and threw him into the sea. Then he took the helm. After taking the helm, he saw the calm bay like a sheet, but his son died right there on the rocks, and Belcekiz, who was waiting for her lover there, saw that the boy fell into the sea and threw herself into the water, and she too was caught in the storm and died.

The place where the boy died that day became Ölüdeniz, and the place where the girl died was known as Belcekız. Therefore, you can interpret the change of color of the sea according to the course of the day as the pain of the boy and girl, who are two young lovers.
Ölüdeniz has a calm, still, lake-like state in its name. Even in the stormiest situation in the region, while the beach of Belcekiz is struggling with waves, there are only slight fluctuations in Ölüdeniz.

Even though Oludeniz may seem calm, it renews itself every day, even every hour of the day, for reasons not noticed by the naked eye. The outflows of the dense spring waters in this region create a deep outward flow. Another apparent reason is that the salt ratios produced by the spring waters constantly move inward and outward, resulting in dynamism.
The last reason is due to the effect of the tides, the sea may rise 30-40 cm every few days, and it may descend, which causes the seawater to fall and multiply.

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