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Koycegiz Dalyan Blue Cruise

2 April 2022 by admin

Koycegiz Dalyan Boat Charter & Blue Cruise

They will be able to experience the forgotten holiday with those who want to join them.

Why Choose This Region For Koycegiz Blue Cruise?

Koycegiz is home to many different bird species. While you are on your holiday in the region, you can see these unique bird species such as the reed nightingale, snake eagle, seagull, bee bird, Izmir kingfisher, and gain a wonderful experience. You may have done an exciting event.
Köyceğiz, which is very impressive, is also rich in daily forests and red pine, and there are maquis and various wooded areas. Since the vicinity of Köyceğiz lake is swamp and barren, there is a maquis on that side that consists of very different herbaceous plants.
Koycegiz is located between Dalaman Airport and Marmaris, Gokova road.

dalyan koycegiz blue cruise

Why Choose Koycegiz Blue Cruise?

The main livelihood of the Köyceğiz Dalyan region is tourism. It is very enjoyable to explore and experience these regions. There is a lot of construction in the Köyceğiz Dalyan Region, and there is farm tourism and hotel management. For these reasons, the region’s people are very warm and sincere, and they welcome all guests very warmly.

Located between Marmaris and Göcek route, this region is the stopping point of our Blue Cruise plans. Dalyan is determined as a stopover in this region and is used as a stopover in every blue cruise plan. We can take our guests from the big boats that come to this region to small riverboats, go through the indented canals, see the king tombs or have a pleasant time at Iztuzu beach, known as the Caretta-Caretta beach. When the Iztuzu beach tour is over, the riverboats will take you back to your Blue Cruise Boat.

The most beautiful features of the blue cruises are seeing the land over the sea and looking at it from a different perspective. It is priceless to experience the daily forests, palm trees that almost touch the sea, and the coves where only you will have the opportunity to swim.
Thanks to the blue cruise holiday, you can save your most unforgettable and exciting memories with your loved ones, return to your home with energy, and spend every minute of the holiday well.

Koycegiz Blue cruise

Koycegiz Dalyan, 75km from Muğla and 45km from Marmaris, has been declared a Special Environmental Protection Area. Köyceğiz is an ideal location for the Blue Cruise, this area, the home of sea turtles, is in a special protection area. Iztuzu region, which is the breeding area of Caretta Caretta, has been declared a conservation area for this generation, which is about to become extinct. It is opened for use by people during the day and cleaned for the carettas to lay eggs at night, and it is completely closed for a while during the spawning periods.

Koycegiz also has a hot spring.

You can reach Köyceğiz Dalyan Region with a blue cruise, Fethiye Blue Cruise, Göçek Blue Cruise, Gökova Blue Cruise, Marmaris Blue cruise programs. Blue Cruise does not start from the ports in Köyceğiz Dalyan Region. Our boats departing from other regions stop by this region.
In this region, settlements are made intensively in tourism, traditional production, citrus production, spa tourism.

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