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Yacht Charter

2 April 2022 by admin

Private Yacht Charter
A private yacht charter is the best option for those planning a blue cruise holiday.
Private yacht charter, which has been affecting the holiday culture in Turkey for many years, is the most popular holiday type. It is an invaluable holiday plan to see dozens of bays and coastal towns in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions of Turkey by sea and to travel in that way.

The habit of renting a yacht, which has become much more preferred with the Covid 19 pandemic, has caused us to experience a different holiday style. Our guests, who continue their holiday by chartering a yacht, do not experience both cleanliness and hygiene problems. They have the chance to go to any bay they want, and they can continue their holiday by watching the magnificent views of the sea.

We have crewed services for our guests who prefer the private yacht charter option, excluding the captain. By offering you the comfort of a 5-star hotel, we are helping you to spend your holiday in the best way possible. You can spend a holiday that will remain on your palate by visiting the magnificent air of the sea, wonderful views of nature, and unique coves. We offer you all the comfort you need with our private yacht charter.

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