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Bodrum Blue Cruise

29 March 2022 by admin

Blue Cruise Boat Charter Bodrum

How would you like to experience Bodrum’s indescribable holiday concept from the sea this time? With the privilege of Bodrum Blue Cruise, how would you like to explore every beauty, see unseen places and visit untouched bays? You will enjoy sunbathing and eating your specially prepared food on the sea while visiting these magnificent coves.
Breathe the fresh air, where every minute of the Bodrum Blue Cruise will be magnificent, and you will spend a holiday alone with nature.

Most Preferred Bays For Bodrum Blue Cruise

You can add colour to your holiday by anchoring in the most beautiful bays that make Bodrum,
To feel reset and renewed, you can enjoy these bays by reaching the sea and enjoying the boat holiday. These bays are mainly; You will be able to visit the most famous bays such as Yeni Çiftlik, Torbalı, İçmeler, Bardakçı, Salih Island, Gündoğan, Gölköy, Türkbükü, Yalıkavak, Karabağ. Bodrum Blue Cruises are included in a group and can be made as cabin charter or by long-term or short-term yacht charter.

Bodrum sunset boat rental, Bodrum Blue Cruise-Day Tour

Bodrum is also famous for its daily boat tours. These boats have a capacity of 12 to 50 people, and the number of people is determined according to the size of these boats. Special areas with bathroom, shower and toilet facilities are prepared on our ships, which have enough sunbathing regions for each guest and shade for guests who wish.

Shoes are not allowed on any of our boats, so you are kindly requested to come with sandals or slippers. You are kindly asked to bring the special equipment you will need for daily tours, such as sunscreen, a towel, a camera, spare clothes, a hat, and glasses. A swimming break is given in all the bays, but it is impossible to land.

Daily boat rental, the general preference of large groups of friends or those who will celebrate, offers special discounts for groups. Boat tours are one of the most practical activities you can choose to escape the crowds of Bodrum in summer, take a breather and spend a day on the sea in the sweltering heat and add colour to your holiday.

You can choose any Bodrum Blue Cruise day tours with alcoholic and non-alcoholic packages. Affordable Bodrum blue cruises and economical Bodrum Blue Cruise packages are available.

Why Bodrum Blue Cruise ?

Due to its location, Bodrum hosts many different bays and Turkey’s most popular holiday resorts and venues. If you buy our Blue Cruise package from Bodrum, you can have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful coasts of both the Mediterranean and the Aegean. While jumping into the most beautiful and virgin waters, you can get rid of the tiredness of a year and the big city stress.

When you buy our Bodrum Blue Cruise package, you will have the opportunity to join our tour not only from Bodrum but also from Turgutreis or other nearby marinas. You can also join the Greek Islands tour from Bodrum and make your holiday more memorable if you wish.

You can experience why sea lovers are so passionate about sea holidays, collect wonderful memories, take beautiful photos and spend an unforgettable holiday.
If you have never experienced a Blue Cruise before, add a 3-night, 4-day boat holiday to your holiday this year and take advantage of this opportunity.

The invaluable location of our country, the fact that seas surround it on three sides, and its sun, history, sea, and nature fascinate even us living in this country every day. Bodrum is one of the most distinguished holiday resorts in our country and is a region where everyone wants to have a holiday. Anyone who sees the slightly cool sea, warm winds, turquoise sea.
You can now review our Bodrum Blue tour package, which fascinates you and gives you the feeling of being in a completely quite another land.

Bodrum Blue Cruise offers the opportunity to see the most beautiful bays due to the location of Bodrum. Our blue cruise program, which extends to the Datça Bozburun region, provides a chance to see the most popular bays of the area, extending as far as Gökova and Marmaris. It will be a holiday option that you will want to explore every corner of the Aegean coast and repeat every year.
Instead of having a holiday in crowded environments in big hotels, you will want to go on a boat holiday and travel by boat to every place you want to see.

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