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Gulet Charter

5 April 2022 by admin

Blue Cruise Gulet Charter

Traditional wooden yachts are called gulets, and the Ottoman-Turkish style inspired these gulets. These gulets, which are completely domestic design and production, are also very comfortable. With the concept of Blue Voyage and the concept of holiday dating from the 1970s to the present, making a gulet holiday has become well known and has become the most preferred choice in recent years.
We do our best to offer the comfort and convenience of a 5-star hotel by providing a best holiday experience to all our guests who prefer us. You can return to your home by discovering all the Aegean and Mediterranean bays and coasts by sea and having a unique experience.

You can take advantage of the early reservation opportunities by calling Mr. S Yacthing’s contact form and +90 850 885 14 75, and you can spend your Blue Cruise holiday both at attractive prices and on the route you want.
All of our gulets are equipped to meet all your needs, and all the equipment you will need is available. Our gulet types vary according to the features they have. It has two main types, motor, and sailboat.
Our gulets, which are produced as motor sailing, are made from trees such as pine, mahogany, and chestnut, which are uniquely beautiful in the region. Since it is produced by paying attention to these features, it can easily anchor in shallow ports and shores.

Our wooden gulets, which are preferred for the blue cruise holiday, have three different charter options;
– Ultra-luxury gulets
– Luxury gulets
– Standard gulets

gulet charter

Ultra Luxury Gulets

Our ultra-luxury gulets have been built so the end-user can spend his holiday in the best conditions. Both the modern and the traditional structures of the Turkish Ottoman style are used.
Our gulets are designed to meet all the demands of our guests without any problems, and they are produced to the highest quality standard. Although it is up to date with all the latest technologies, each cabin has a separate shower and toilet. Our expert manufacturers carried out the production during the construction period by considering every fine detail.
Very spacious cabins, sitting areas, play areas, and living and socializing areas in our cabins are designed to provide the best service for all our special guests, whether for short-term rentals or long-term rentals.

Luxury Gulet Charter

Our luxury gulet segment, which we charter, has all the standard features and includes basic needs and equipment.
Our guests may need every detail while on holiday in our luxury gulets has been thought. And we were completed with technological equipment.

The hotel has integrated the comfort of the gulets, and each cabin has its shower, toilet, nightstand, and wardrobe. If you want a gulet with the convenience of a hotel, our Luxury Gulets will offer you a wonderful blue cruise experience.

Our professional chefs will present you with your menus prepared in the most delicious way for you.

Standard Gulet Charter

Our standard gulet charter blue voyage with standard gulets in our country’s style,
It has become a popular holiday type in recent years. All cabins have double beds and their bathrooms and can meet all the needs of our guests.

You can enjoy the blue cruise voyage with our standard gulets, whether for private groups, your family or by renting a cabin.