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6 February 2022

What Should You Need to Know Before You Rent A Gulet

Let’s think about it together: while you are on your gulet charter to one end, the sea, that is deep in a blue hue and vast views, while to the opposite side, Mother nature will surround you in green arms. We are sure those stunning views will be awe-inspiring to you, and you won’t want to look away for even an instant.
Let’s not stop dreaming about the head-spinning scents of pine trees. The pine’s aromatic scent will please your senses.
The third reason is that the sounds of the waves that gently move your Gulet be a treat to your ears.
After the scorching summer days, the cool breezes of the evenings can help your skin.
Not to mention the fantastic breakfasts and meals (which will be prepared for your enjoyment) are sure to please your senses.
Blue cruises are among the top vacation options that appeal to all five senses with exclusive, luxurious privileges.
We wrote this article to inform you of what you need to know before hiring a gulet, and the aspects you need to be aware of.
What Should You Know Before You Charter a Gulet:
1.) Choose the group’s number and charter date, the route, and mode of transportation
2.) Choose a gulet that meets your needs
3.) Find out what is included in the cost and what isn’t
4.) Learn more about your crew
5.) Talk about the food you serve

Make sure you know the rules for reservations and prices.
1.) Determine the size of members of the group. charter dates along with the route and transport

The first step is to determine the size of people in your group. There are specific cabin numbers for every Gulet. Once you’ve decided on the number of people you want to hire, it is time to make some inquiries about the type of Gulet you have. There are two choices for chartering. When you’ve already got your group, you could rent the whole Gulet. Another option is to charter a cabin. Cabin charters can be an excellent opportunity to get to know new people and have a culture to share.
The ideal cruise for you and your family members will be a smooth and well-organized dates selection. Luckily, the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts are accessible for an extended period. From April through October, you can sail on a Gulet charter.

After selecting your gulet type and then arranging the date of your charter, You can then organize your journey. Choose a map on the internet and choose your route. Don’t forget to seek the opinion of your agency since they’ve been doing this for many years. Utilize their experience. It’s completely free. It is unnecessary to think about your travel destination because your captain will give you the most suitable route. There are a lot of natural and historical sites to visit in the towns of stop-by. There could be many surprises to discover in those small towns, so make sure you explore your Gulet.
In the end, we will give you information about the options for transportation. You must ensure that you have your tickets, and remember that booking your tickets early will be the best option as you could get discounts when you book early.

2.) Choose a gulet that meets your needs
There are many kinds of gulets for each need, and it is essential to choose the right one for your needs. For instance, if you’re going on a four-person trip, don’t choose the Gulet for 12 persons.
Create a list of your necessities and discuss this with the agency you work for. For instance, if you wish to bring your pet along with you on your trip, it’s not permitted for the majority of Gulets. Always make sure you are clear on your needs. If you’re looking for air conditioners for each cabin, look for gulets that have those properties. Also, if you require water sports equipment, fishing equipment, or fishing equipment, inform the agency before the charter.
3.) Ask what’s included in the cost and what isn’t
Included Price;
Fees for Moorage for Turkish Territorial Waters
Port Taxes
Boat Insurance
Fuel for yacth
Fees of Laundry
Towels and Bed Linen
Water for Utility
Transit log
Crew service
What Is Extra:
Private Marinas
Special Land Trips
Rent a Car
Transport between the airport and boat
Watersports and excursion
3.) Learn more about your crew
With the skilled crew and captain, Your expectations for your vacation will increase. Your knowledgeable captain (who is aware of the cruise areas well) is willing to share his expertise and expertise with you. The crew will take care of all your chores of cooking and cleaning for you. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the holiday with your family and friends.
4.) Discuss your meal offer
Food and drink are not the only things you should consider for your holiday. Gulet broker agency provides the best catering options and menu choices. Fresh seafood, local specialities, world cuisine, various kinds of meats, vegetables, and more. All you need to do is inform the principal of what is best for your preferences. Food, drinks, and snacks are offered daily and freshly delivered to you.

Request the price and reservation
You’re good to go. When you’ve decided on all the details regarding your trip, you can inquire about prices and be clear about the cost. We can send it to you approximate price. Guletbroker gives you a reasonable price; all you need to do is call us. You can find the date under the gulets you select. We’re waiting to hear from you.


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