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Olympos Kekova Blue Cruise

2 April 2022 by admin

Olympos Kekova Blue Cruise & Boat Charter

Antalya is the most preferred holiday city for all local and foreign masses in our country. Both in terms of being a big city and in every town so popular, and hosting the most well-known big hotels and holiday villages in our country, Antalya opens its doors to holidaymakers every year. Olympos log houses, one of the most well-known corners of Antalya, are fascinating to everyone who comes with their unique style structures, unique beach, and clean air. You can feel yourself in a different world, in the heart of nature, where you can breathe oxygen in every breath.

Antalya is a hot city for 6 months of the year and warm for the other 6 months. The most preferred activity by tourists is to travel by boat and to visit the bays with a blue cruise. We recommend you to experience the comfort of transportation to Antalya bays from the sea and the taste of the sea from the boat. There are many must-see tourist places to visit in Antalya, the most famous of which are Manavgat and Düden Waterfalls. Still, every minute spent on the sea is much more enjoyable and memorable than those on land. It is possible to walk for kilometers on the endless beaches of Antalya, enjoy the beach, sunbathe or swim.
However, exploring these regions by boat and looking at these natural beauties from a different angle, from the sea, will enable you to have your Blue Cruise experience.
You can rent a long-term yacht in this region, go out daily, or join the blue cruise programs and have a wonderful holiday experience. Mavi Turbo is the most preferred type of holiday for all domestic and foreign tourists.

Olympos is one of the favorite areas of tourists with its lush nature, clean air, and treehouses. Kekova Bay has been declared a natural protected area with its underwater city, and access to the sea has been prohibited for a while. In the last few years, this ban in Olympos has been lifted, and it has become a favorite haunt of holidaymakers again. Fethiye, Gocek, Kas, Kalkan are within the route in our Antalya Blue cruise programs. These regions can be preferred for day trips.

olympos yacht charter blue cruise

Advantages of Kekova Boat Tours

With the Kekova blue cruise program, you can get away from the world for a week and experience a completely different holiday. The blue cruise experience is much more beautiful than all the holidays we can do, and You will remember the experience. It would be best to choose it for a holiday in nature, away from the crowd, where you can see many ruins, see all the bays from the sea, and swim whenever you want. Kekova is a magnificent experience with an ancient underwater city that smells of history in every corner. You can reach there by swimming and encountering beauties in a completely different dimension. Like many historical and touristic places, Kekova Blue Cruise is one of the must-do tours. While going from one bay to the other, you can either rest, sunbathe or read your book and enjoy the natural beauties you pass through.
Or sit in the shade, sip your drink and enjoy yourself.

Kekova Blue Cruise

Muğla-Antalya region is one of the most beautiful regions of the country. Since Kekova is the most beautiful holiday region in our country, there are dozens of coves to be visited in this region. Blue cruises from this region are known to reach all the bays of Fethiye. In this way, you can see both Antalya and Fethiye bays. You can get rid of the routine holiday concept and get a completely different experience.

Which bays does the Kekova Blue Cruise go to?

You will have the opportunity to see the most famous bays, such as Kaş and Kalkan, especially Andrasan.
These bays are the best choices for taking photos and collecting new memories. This region, which attracts the attention of both domestic and foreign tourists, is one of the most popular regions among those who prefer Blue Cruise. Historical ruins and ancient cities dating back to ancient times have led to the preference of this region. If you want, you can choose with your family or groups of friends, or you can rent a cabin on pre-planned routes. Lunch, other refreshments, and alcoholic beverage options are also available for these tours.
In the bays where swimming breaks are given, you can both relax and enjoy the bays and swim as much as you want.

Kekova Antalya Blue Cruise

The Kekova region and its coasts are indented and consist of various bays, and since land access is somewhat limited, it is much easier to reach the region’s beaches by the sea.
Kekova is connected to Antalya and consists of 3 different villages. Although Kekova gives its name to the region, it is the largest island in its territory.
The island of Kekova, which is adjacent to the Anatolian side, extends as a strait, and on the Anatolian side, there are indented caves and dens.
There are ancient cities and their ruins buried in the trace. Inner Island, soil island, Asırlı island, and Kişnalı island, which are very important in terms of nature, lie parallel to the coast. The warm peninsula and Kekova island are inland seas, and this inner sea forms the Ölüdeniz.

The agricultural production forces of the Kekova region are olive groves, and grain cultivation, citrus fruits, and fishing are the main sources of income. In addition to its natural beauties and being a holiday destination, this region is a favorite region for archaeological tourism and tourism in historical monuments, ancient cities, and ancient underwater towns. Don’t hesitate to contact us for our Kekova blue cruise programs. For affordable Kekova blue cruise programs, you can email Mr S Yachting at [email protected] or call +90 850 885 14 75 for information.