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Blue Cruise, either it’s your first visit, or you’re planning to come back for another visit to one of the excellent destinations on earth for charter boats in the Mediterranean.

Alongside various options for an itinerary that you can choose from, you can cruise our gorgeous Mediterranean waters for a truly breathtaking experience. It’s an unforgettable fantasy made into a reality, allowing you to cherish special memories that you will never forget.

We cannot wait to share these feelings with you and to show you the reasons why Turkey is renowned for its warmth, Mediterranean food, colours and traditions. From the moment you arrive on board, you’ll get first-class personal service. There’s nothing better to discover our rich history and culture than aboard a boat.

So, join us for a day of sailing in the company of MRS Yachting.

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Berrak Su
Starting from 1.750 € /night
Special Offer
Bahriyeli D
Starting from 1.600 € /night
Sagapo Catamaran
Starting from 600 € /night
Bahriyeli C
Starting from 2.100 € /night
Exclusive Yacht
Ece Berrak
Starting from 2.000 € /night
Special Offer
White Soul
Starting from 3.750 € /night
Exclusive Yacht
Darius Mills
Just returned to New York after one of your fantastic yacht cruises on the stunning Berrak Su - I have received numerous inquiries from customers about an experience similar to ours in the future for small-scale groups identical to ours.
This wasn't my first time visiting Turkey. However, it was memorable due to the gorgeous coastline we saw and the exceptional care our group received from the leadership of Captain Yussef and his crew - Hussein, Onur, Serap & Chef.

Thank you so much for your help.

Many thanks and Tesekkurler,

Marilyn Olson
Ece Berrak Deluxe Yacht.
If we could live there all the time, We would love to.
The two-week stay with family and friends And of course, the group makes this trip.
Captain Osman performs his daily feat by searching for the most suitable bays, the best places, managing currents, and sails.
Seaman Mustafa is a seaman who has to perform the most demanding tasks from 5 am until 2 am and be awake for 20 hours every day, smiling big.
Chef Mehmet Mehmet, There aren't enough words to express my gratitude for making delicious meals, soups, perfect Hummus, excellently cooked fish, and Natalie's style, my most loved man.
Rezmie Housekeeping is impeccable, Kind, compassionate always considerate.
Our little Sukran always has coffees, teas, and other goodies making the table an absolute delight.
Fantastic crew, our most cherished Gulet, as well as our loved Turkey.
Your Pirates of the Aegean Sea.

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