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Bozburun Blue Cruise

31 March 2022 by admin

Bozburun Boat Charter Blue Cruise

Bozburun has been the country’s most popular departure port for boat rentals or blue cruise holidays.
Bozburun is a sweet, calm, seaside holiday town that everyone who has lived in big cities for years would like to come and settle in. Bozburun is the holiday village of dreams with its artisans, boatmen, school by the sea, and the magnificent effect of the sea. You can reach this charming village by accompanying the beautiful views along the way to the town of Bozburun, which is a lovely little village in the Aegean, 50 km away from Marmaris. Opposite Bozburun, which is located at the tip of the peninsula, is the Greek island of Simi. The winter population of Bozburun is at most 10 thousand people, and it always maintains its calmness and tranquillity.
There are ancient cities such as Bozburun and its region, Bybassos, Syrna, Amos, Kasara, Hygassos, which are home to the most important cities from ancient times.

Due to its location, Bozburun has been a favorite holiday destination in recent years. Still, it has also become a famous port for those who prefer vacations such as yacht charter, boat vacations, and blue cruises.
Those who will join our Bozburun Blue tour program can reach an untouched cove just 10-15 minutes after getting on the boat, drop anchor and start enjoying the Bozburun Blue cruise.

Which bays can be visited in Bozburun?

You start your holiday with our blue cruise itinerary from Bozburun, or if you charter a gulet, long-term yacht, or just a cabin charter, with a route that covers the entire Hisaronu Bay. As Mr S Yachting, we are happy to plan your dream vacation and realize your dream vacation.
The most wonderful bays of the world, originating from Bozburun, are Serçe Bay, Bozukkale, Dirsekbükü, Aquarium, Bençik, Orhaniye, and Selimiye, the favorite of recent years. Since our captains have a great command of the region, you can optionally take them to different bays you want to go to, and you can see every place you want to see.

Bozburun Yachts and Gulets

There are various yachts and gulets in the portfolio of Mr S Yachting, which can plan a holiday for every budget and if the desired luxury segment or affordable blue cruise programs if expected. We have a portfolio of all kinds of yachts with motor yacht options for those who say they want to reach wherever they want to go, from a single-cabin gulet to a 10-cabin gulet, or from an 8-meter sailboat to an 18-meter bark, or for those who say they can’t compromise on comfort. Bozburun has made a name for itself in the production of wooden boats and is home to shipyards that produce more during the year. Although there are shipyards that have developed themselves and started to grow in their style over the years, Bozburun has its style.

Bozburun Blue Cruise early booking

Since the Bozburun region is very familiar and one of the busiest regions for yacht charter and blue cruise departures, it is much more beneficial for you to make a reservation during the winter months to have a better holiday and to go anywhere you dream of. You will both get your holiday at a more affordable price, and you have the chance to choose the route you want on the boat you want. If you are going to rent a boat, cabins are selected according to the number of people, and the ship of that size is booked for you. If you are going to cabin charter in Bozburun, you will have the chance to rent a cabin on the boat you want.
If you are going to gulet charter, you can take your food or give a list to the boat staff and have them take it.
A full-board system is applied for our guests on holiday as cabin charter. In addition to our tour is breakfast, lunch, and dinner, afternoon tea and refreshments are available, alcoholic beverages are extra.
7346788878 phone number, Mr S yachting please contact us for more info.

Those Waiting for You on the Blue Cruise Departing from Bozburun

The blue cruise holiday from Bozburun offers you an opportunity to relax, have fun and enjoy the sea. You can participate in water sports activities in the bays where we will anchor or swim ashore and see the ancient ruins or wild goats in the uninhabited bays.
You can read your book, play games with your friends, or turn on music and dance madly;
– It is the type of holiday where you can spend the longing for the sea most comfortably,
– You can experience water sports,
– You can have a wonderful breakfast by buying freshly baked flatbread or pancakes from the village aunts travelling in the bays with their small boats,
– You can fish,
– You can drink any cocktail you want and experience the relaxation you have dreamed of all year long,
– You can sunbathe wherever you want without the hassle of finding sunbeds on the hotel beaches,
– You can rest whenever you want and wake up whenever you want; you don’t have to worry about missing breakfast,
– You can dream in the light of the fire under the stars,
– You can jump into the sea instead of washing your face in the morning.

Due to these good reasons that we have counted or forgot to count, you should make your Bozburun Blue Cruise holiday plan and reward yourself. For these reasons, the interest in the Blue Cruise holiday is increasing every year. You can make your reservation immediately and plan your holiday before the day passes without wasting your time.
Blue Cruise from Bozburun

To spend a holiday in the middle of the sea, alone with the sea and nature, to relieve the year’s tiredness and enjoy the sea to the fullest, you should choose the Bozburun blue cruise holiday.
This tour, which will fill your soul with peace and allow you to look at nature from a different perspective, will let you see untouched virgin coves and places that cannot be reached by land. The opportunity to sleep on the sea, watch the light of the stars at night, and swim in the sea at dawn is an opportunity that everyone should experience. Marmaris and its coves are the regions that show the most interest to everyone from all walks of life. Blue cruises departing from Bozburun are uniquely beautiful, and you can see magnificent views from every corner.

The cool breezes coming from the sea, the feeling of freedom of being in the open sea, the beauty of the sky, and the enchanting atmosphere of nature require you to take a Bozburun Blue cruise holiday. If you want a peaceful holiday, listen to yourself and your body, and truly relieve the tiredness of the year, the only thing you need to do is to book Bozburun Blue Cruise; you can contact us for this +90 850 885 14 75

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