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Gokova Blue Cruise

31 March 2022 by admin

Gökova is 28 km from Muğla and 25 km from Marmaris. Gökova, which has increased its awareness in recent years, draws attention to the smell of fresh pine forests, its historical texture, and hand-drawn landscapes. Gökova, also a bird paradise, offers a wonderful holiday opportunity with its untouched nature and unique atmosphere.
Gokova is the stopping point of all our Bodrum Blue Cruise programs.
Gokova, a frequent destination for all domestic and foreign holidaymakers, is the most recessed region of the file region and hosts many coves and islands. The most well-known of these are the famous bays such as Akbük, Gelibolu, and Çökertme. The most notable features of these bays are that they are sheltered from the wind, their shallow, clear sea and nature are untouched, so they are a favorite haunt of all boaters.

Coves that you can prefer for the Blue Cruise

If we think within Turkey, the Aegean and Mediterranean are the most suitable regions for Blue Cruise holidays. This is a convenient blue cruise package for the Greek Islands and Greece. In Aegean tours, the most popular bays of all tours are located in the Gulf of Gökova. Those who choose the Gökova Blue cruise option and start their holiday can enjoy the unique sea and the serenity of untouched nature.
In addition to the blue cruises departing from the Aegean and Mediterranean, which have been popular in recent years, there are also options such as Bodrum vibrant North Greek Islands tour or South Greek Islands tour. The Greek islands have also gained popularity in our country in recent years and attract the most tourists from our country.
But of course, we recommend our country’s marinas and our country’s bays more. You can check the details from Marmaris Blue Cruise and, Fethiye Blue Cruise, Gocek Blue Cruise.

Why are these regions preferred for the Blue Cruise?

The departure ports of the blue cruises are generally the most frequently used.
It’s preferred due to the high number of boats in these regions and the availability of Yacht that can appeal to each of our guests. Although pre-drawn routes are generally followed, you can make reasonable changes if a yacht is chartered. You can add the Greek Islands to the route and add more different experiences to your holiday, but you must specify this request in advance.

Advantages of Blue Cruise

Usually, you have to do the same things on big hotel holidays, share the pool, swim with crowds similar to the city crowd, or get in line for a meal. You realize that your vacation is starting to be extra tiredness rather than a break. Therefore, a boat holiday is much more ideal; whether it is a cabin charter or a yacht charter, you will be with a maximum of 16 people. Your cabin is private to you, and you will not have the stress of finding sun loungers in the morning; you will enjoy the calmness and nature in the bays where there is no one. You can continue your holiday not by watching the sea inside a hotel, by being on the sea, under the sky, and in nature.

Our Blue Cruise options can be special for you, or you can join another group with a predetermined route. Mr S Yachting can prepare tours for you or your family on the routes you want. For those looking for a different holiday and wishing to have a sea holiday, We advise you not to miss these blue cruise options.

Blue cruises are mostly preferred due to their calmness and being away from the crowd. It is possible to go ashore; other than that, accommodation and eating area on the boat.

Gökova is a protected area located in the Special Environmental Protection Area. The most famous place of Gökova, whose star has exploded in recent years, is Akyaka. Akyaka is popular with old Muğla Houses influenced by Ottoman architecture and restaurants lined up around the Azmak River.

At the same time, Kite Surf Schools, which were established in Akyaka in the last five years, have attracted tourists in the region and have become the favorite of those who want to combine different styles and spend their holiday both doing sports and having fun. In addition to the Akçapınar Rivers, it has sights worth seeing with its tree-lined road and unique plain.

Sedir Island, located in the south of the Gökova region, also has a unique beach and sand that touches history. Hellenistic and Roman inscriptions have historical inventories. It is also important ecologically with its rich flora.
Gökova is also home to otters and dolphins at certain times of the year.

Gökova Blue cruise programs usually depart from Marmaris, Datça, Bodrum, or Fethiye and are frequented by boats from all these regions.

Gökova Bay is the most frequented spot for boats going on a blue cruise or blue cruise in terms of its unique nature, geographical location in the middle of Marmaris and Muğla, hosting Akyaka and Akçapınar, and also being preferred for kite surfing.

This time, go to the places you want to explore by sea, not by land, and give your holiday a completely different perspective.