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5 February 2022

Luxury Gulet Holiday in Turkey

When we think of holiday time, the Mrs Yachting holiday, one of the most well-known countries that come to mind is Turkey. Because of its distinct natural beauty, unpolluted climate and an endless variety of cuisines, you can enjoy the most memorable holiday of your life, with a gulet of the highest standard that you’ll cruise the beautiful bays with no compromise on your comfort and luxury.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking this type of holiday the first time or have been on blue cruises; Turkey is an excellent vacation for everyone.
In Turkey, there are numerous places to visit. Additionally, Turkey has a lot of gorgeous coastlines and bays. When you’re there, you’ll be amazed at the speed at which time passes.
With these stunning landscapes and views, your destination and Gulet should be a pleasure for you. Therefore, we will tell you about the top places in Turkey and our luxurious-high-luxury Gulets.

Let’s look over the routes. Marmaris, Bozburun, Fethiye, Bodrum… These beautiful destinations are just one click away. If you make a reservation and pay in advance, you will be able to take advantage of discounted rates for bookings made before the deadline.

Marmaris is the ideal place to start your holiday. This charming town is the beauty of pine trees and lush mountains. Additionally, Marmaris is a hometown that is more populated than the marinas. Marmaris is situated in the central Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea, and it is among the most beautiful blue cruise routes. You can enjoy dinner at the finest eateries or stroll to the gorgeous Marmaris Castle.

Bodrum town is a sophisticated town with its own white-dyed homes. The climate is mild throughout the year, and the people are welcoming and warm. Bodrum is the home of large marinas. Bodrum is also among the most popular places on blue-coloured cruises throughout Turkey. It is the ideal place to start your trip.
Fethiye is a renowned vacation spot and is a great location to explore. Fethiye has a pretty large port, and this is why Fethiye can provide many vessels and gulets. Its stunning golden-sand beaches and turquoise waters can serve as a base for your cruise trip to the blue sea.

Luxury Gulets
– Luxury Gulets Features
– Made from high-quality timber such as teak or oak.
– Luxury Gulets Sizes range from 25-37 meters.
– Luxury gulets typically have 8-12 cabins.
– All cabins come with a bathroom, air conditioner and shower.
– Cabins offer high-quality comfort similar to hotel rooms of the highest standard.
– The common areas are very extravagant.
– The crew, as well as the captain, were explicitly selected and vetted.

Luxury Gulet Category in Turkey
Turkey is among the most favoured nations for Gulet’s classic Charter Routes. Gulet production is very relatively high, and this is why you will find a variety of Gulets of the Luxury Category in Turkey.

Gulets were not that complicated in earlier times. Recently, gulets offer large spaces and comfortable conditions to the passengers. These stunning vessels are more sophisticated and have the latest technological advances. For instance, they are equipped with modern motors and electric systems and have an internet connection. Luxurious gulets have all equipment with televisions as well as entertainment systems.
Additionally, in each cabin, air conditioning is offered. Furthermore, Yacht has all equipped with modern navigation systems and safety equipment. Of course, you’ll find gorgeous interior design and furniture.

If you step onto the Gulet with a higher class, You might think you’re in the world of a five-star hotel.
Luxury gulets are extraordinarily well-constructed and have a variety of cabin layouts that you can adapt to groups of different sizes. These requirements make these gulets an attractive choice for charter. A luxurious gulet cabin must comprise of:
A comfortable degree of comfort.
A vast area,
Air conditioners for cabins,
Well-equipped bathrooms,
Luxurious showers and toilets,
Lounge with air conditioning and seating area,
Music system and television,
Great bar,
Large terraces that are large enough to accommodate sun loungers
Seating that meets the needs of guests from all backgrounds,
Not to be forgotten is an experienced team ready to cater to the services you require.
Luxury Gulet Production in Turkey
Turkey continues to construct Gulets at an accelerated pace, and everybody can quickly locate the right Gulet to meet their requirements. A few shipyards produce quality Gulets located in Bozburu, Marmaris, Bodrum and Istanbul. Furthermore, various Gulets are made from Fethiye and Antalya regions.
One of the excellent choices is Turkey for charter a yacht. Because of its climate, breathtaking views, historical sites, stunning coastlines, awe-inspiring, Turkey is also one of the most desirable places to go on quality excursions. Your luxurious Gulet will be fully-equipped. With various fun tourist-city options like Marmaris, Gocek, Bozburun, Fethiye, Bodrum, Turkey is prioritized by many adventurers who wish to charter an elegant Gulet.


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