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27 January 2022 by admin

Fethiye is well known as a provincial located in Mugla, Turkey. Fethiye is among the top spots for sailing. It is also referred to as a place to the boat because of its clear, blue ocean with the best sailing conditions on the planet. It is located on the Mediterranean shores of Turkey, just 50 km away from Dalaman airport. The town’s ruins and the theatre can be observed in the former town “Telmessos,” which you can see from a distance. Fethiye is a popular spot for visitors due to its gorgeous natural setting. The population of Fethiye is approximately 115,000, and the city is busy during the summer months.

The story of Greek mythology, “Telmessos”, is said to be the daughter of God Apollo. The daughter of the king of Phoenicia becomes infatuated with him. He transforms into a small dog and can win the love of the timid, shy daughter. Then, he transforms into an attractive man and father, Telmessos. It signifies “Land of the Lights.”

In the year 547 BC, Fethiye became part of the Persian Empire. At the end of the fifth century BC, “Telmessos” joined the “Attic Delos Union,” established by Attica. After that, when the city resigned from its union forged its ties up in the fourth century BC.

Fethiye is a town on the sea with a long tradition in Turkey. Turks from Greece have settled in the town during the time of exchange of Greece and Turkey. In honour of Fethi Bey, one of the pioneering pilots from the Ottoman Air Force who perished in a flight that was a failure, the town was given its current designation of “Fethiye.”

Fethiye is a popular tourist spot that has a modern international feel. Three marinas are available for local and international visitors to the city. There’s something for every visitor to the city, including delicious restaurants, amazing nightlife, nature and history, gorgeous bays, traditional markets and shopping. Activities and excursions daily are also offered that make it unique. A coffin can be seen anywhere in this city, and numerous temples and ruin sites.

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