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27 January 2022 by admin

Gocek is one of the most sought-after destinations you can visit within Turkey and is a great place to cruise or take a sail on a luxury yacht. It’s a famous and gorgeous sailing spot and is a sought-after holiday spot for charter yacht owners. The lively town is a favourite hangout for well-off and famous tourists. The picturesque yacht charter holiday resort hosts around 4000 guests and is famous for its friendly and warm atmosphere.

Gocek is only a fifteen-minute drive away from Dalaman International Airport in Dalaman and is accessible in under an hour when you’re coming from Istanbul. Gocek is a beautiful sailing destination and is the perfect spot to discover and see an amazing mix of historic places and breathtaking natural landscapes.

A Yacht Charter Vacation Around Gocek

The notable thing that is most noteworthy concerning Gocek is their strict adhesion to the strict development and building rules intended to safeguard Gocek’s rich cultural heritage and its long-standing tradition. Although it’s a significant tourist destination in the region, one of the main attractions of this famous yacht charter vacation destination is its old structures and historical landmarks, which are preserved and secured.

Gocek was once a tiny village of farmers, but it was later transformed into a luxurious destination for holidaymakers.

The people of the area are still engaged in agriculture despite tourist spots’ frantic and hectic activities. The houses of the locals-only a few yards from the promenade well-known in the region, remain the home of lush gardens where the locals grow fresh food items. The paths that wind through the town’s main streets are full of lemons, grapefruits, the tangerine and orange trees. This gives Gocek its unique landscape, with an unnatural beauty not often seen in other sailing locations in Turkey.

The views from the water point to the popularity of Gocek in the circle of charter yachts. The entire bay and four marinas are full of different types of boats, starting from small boats to the luxurious high-end superyachts and yachts.

Popular Places in Gocek Turkey

As in Fethiye and Marmaris, The most typical excursion to the charming town of Gocek is a journey through the rich past of Turkey. Yacht charter fans and tourists who visit regularly will explore famous sights and sites with archaeological sites and objects that date back to the Lycian civilization.

Gocek isn’t the typical tourist spot that is sprawling. Most shops, boutiques, and other notable establishments and facilities are located along one stretch of road that passes across the city. Along this road, there are three main supermarkets in Gocek and various shops for clothing, along with bazaars and gift shops that sell items related to sailing. It is common for sailors to go out in the town to replenish their supplies for sailing.

The dining experiences available in Gocek are usually diverse. Restaurants that are renowned and others offer local dishes and international menus. Gocek is an area that is home to numerous restaurants which specialize in Turkish food, local pastry shops, as well as a variety of food stores that serve tasty pitas and Kebabs.

Gocek Gulet Charter