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27 January 2022 by admin

The village was an isolated fishermen’s community during the 1980s; however, by the 1980s, the tourism industry was on the rise, and only a small amount remained of the old village. One of the most popular options is to go sailing. Two major marinas are available as well as several smaller ones. The proximity to the international airport of Dalaman is another factor contributing to the resort’s popularity. Marmaris is situated on the shores of the water and is situated in the middle of the pine forest, which is prone to rain from October to May. The dry and hot summers have led to tourism has been so popular in the region. Marmaris was defeated by Alexander the Great.

It is a must to visit locations that are in Marmaris, including The Marmaris Castle, Turtle Beach Dalyan, Cleopatra Island, Kizkumu Beach.

The Castle located in Marmaris is situated close to the sea, provides stunning views and is the most historic place to visit. The Castle’s history is traced back to B. C. 1044.

Dalyan is a gorgeous spot and is awe-inspiring with the beauty of its surroundings. It is a must-visit destination exploring the blue waters in the vicinity of Marmaris. Dalyan Iztuzu Beach offers many opportunities for visitors like Caretta Caretta sea turtles, graves of rocks and mudbaths, and Kaunos, the once ancient city.

Cleopatra Island, whose real name is Seder Island, is 16 miles far from Marmaris. This region is famous for its old city and golden beaches.

Kisumu Beach is also another well-known and gorgeous beach located in Marmaris. Kisumu Beach, situated inside Orhaniye town, will provide a beach that will provide visitors with a pleasant experience as it is possible to walk along the waters in the shallow part of the beach.

Marmaris offers alternative options to sailing cruises.

You can have an unforgettable charter yacht holiday by selecting one of these available routes starting from Marmaris located in Datca, Marmaris – Fethiye, Marmaris – Greek Islands. In the Datca route, you’ll have the opportunity to discover bays that are stunning in their beaches and natural beauty, including Orhaniye, Selimiye, Arab Island, Bozukkale. On the Fethiye route, you’ll visit world-renowned places like Butterfly Valley, Turunc and Oludeniz. You can enjoy the sun and the sea and the fun in Simi and Rhodes Islands, which are known for their historic and natural treasures throughout this Greek Islands route.

Choose the kind of boat you’d like to use: Turkish gulet, motor yacht, catamaran, sailboat or yacht.

Relax and enjoy a peaceful vacation when you charter a wooden crewed gulet from Marmaris Turkish Gulet chartering alternatives if you’re in a hurry and want to cut down on travel time by chartering motorboats. It’s possible to enjoy many things to do and have an active holiday when you charter a sailing boat. Marmaris hiring a yacht offers the most space and accessibility.

It is possible to view the sunset and sunrise from these stunning bays and have a great moment with your loved ones under the moon and stars aboard any boat you’d like. You can go deep inside your own Aegean and Mediterrane Seas as you splash in crystal clear waters, participate in summer activities and entertainment on the shores whenever breaks are on offer and have an unforgettable holiday.

Contrary to what’s claimed, Marmaris boat rental costs are much less than a 5-star hotel holiday. You can organize an amazing blue cruise for eight people for less than 40 euros for a day.

By chartering a boat in Marmaris, it is possible to dip or relax and enjoy water sports in various bays that aren’t accessible via land. During Marmaris blue cruise Marmaris blue boat cruise, you’ll be entertained and can unwind and recharge.

As Mrs Yachting, We are delighted to arrange your wonderful yacht and gulet vacation in Marmaris.

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