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3 February 2022

Life on Board

Your experience in your Mrs Yachting should be unforgettable, and with all the right motives, we aim to provide all the information you’ll require while onboard first. Captain and Crew will welcome you. You will be treated welcome cocktail, and details will be shared for your protection, the details of your time aboard while sailing. Captains will also discuss the most pertinent information regarding your trip.
Each boat is different, and you will be given details on the availability of electricity time for the ship you are on, information about charging your phone and cameras, etc.

You will spend the first night of your Cruise in the harbour in which you embark or in the first location you will visit on your itinerary. When you wake up the first day of your Cruise, you’ll begin your day off with a traditional Turkish breakfast and get acquainted with the other passengers who share the same vessel.
While on your journey, you’ll visit various bays to take a dip and will have the opportunity to soak in the warm sun on the deck. Remember that the wind could be deceiving when sailing, and many are afflicted with sunburn. We suggest you apply the right sunscreen and protect yourself accordingly.

Inform the Crew or captain know anyone who would like to participate in any other sport, such as paragliding, fishing, or other water sports. They will be more than happy to organize your participation if they are able.

In some harbours and bays, there will be a possibility of joining brief excursions. The captain will provide you with all the information about these. The decision is yours to make; it’s an excellent way to discover this beautiful land while sailing along the oceans that make up the Mediterranean.

Lunch and evening meals are also great times to socialize and relax. It would be best if you communicate any special dietary needs to us before the start of the boat. While enjoying the most stunning sunsets, you can also enjoy dinner or barbecue with a drink.

There is a tendency to find that during your Cruise, the majority of people will spend the majority of their time drinking drinks and relaxing on the deck while occasionally water-skiing, fishing and scuba diving, as well as walking ashore after the anchor is dropped.

The essential items you’ll require when travelling around Turkey.
A camera
Shoes with soft soles are recommended for those who are uncomfortable with bare feet. Ordinary footwear used for daily activities is permitted to be worn while onboard.
Good shoes that can withstand the rigours of walking on the land.
Beach towels, sun cream
Casual attire and a shirt with long sleeves could often be a chill in the air during the evening.
If you’d like to lay on the deck beneath the starry night sky, then bring your pillows and blankets.
safety rules must be followed while on board

We understand that you may want to jump off the sides of our boat. Please wait for the engines of the ship to cease.

Be careful not to use too excessive amounts of electricity and water as a finite supply is available on the board.

There is no smoking in the boat; smoking is permitted on the deck, but don’t toss your cigarette ends into the ocean.
The wind can easily blow your items away. So, please be careful.
Don’t flush toilet paper or other items in the toilet, as it could create the bathroom to become blocked. Make use of the bin that is available.
The captain may alter the route of travel at any time to ensure the safety of passengers as well as the Crew (due to unforeseeable hazardous sea conditions or the vessel’s damage).

If you’re not on the vessel, inform one of the crew members and your companions when you’ll be back. If the captain requests you to return by the specified time, please return.
Be vigilant with your children throughout the day.

The captain can use the boat’s dinghy for emergencies or take the boat to shore.
Do not run on the deck since the deck can be slippery and slippery. Take care at all times.

Be aware of all equipment on the boat while you’re on the move.
If you are leaving the boat, ensure that you have not forgotten any personal belongings in the boat.


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